Marín Montejano Group


Marín Montejano Group is specialized in the production and marketing of canned fruits, vegetables, legumes, juices, nectars, dairy-based beverages with fruit, “gazpacho”, jams, canned products, fruit purees and wine packaging.



The Marín Montejano Group is a familar business group that started its activity more than 75 years ago. It is located in one of the most strategic areas of Europe witch the main purpose of the elaboration of products based on fruit and vegetables.

Throughout more than half a century we have got a great development based on the diversification of products, the modernization of facilities and the internationalization of markets, with the main purpose of adapting to the changes demanded by the globalized market.

At the very beginning, it started as a small family business, but currently the growth of the Marín Montejano Group has allowed, without losing its roots, to professionalize its management with a qualified management team that allows an agile management and a complete involvement of the property in all its projects.

Work centers


Marín Montejano Group gathers a total of 280,000 m² of high technology facilities, distributed in 4 factories in Spain. We elaborate with our 75 years of experience and an excellent raw material, supplied by the most important agricultural cooperatives and farms of the Spanish territory, products of high quality and competitive prices.


Marin Montejano, S.A.

Founded in 1958 is the group's origin

Lorquí, Region of Murcia, Spain:


Frutas y Conservas de Murcia, S.L

Manufacturing of canned fruits, vegetables and legumes in metal packaging

Alguazas, Region de Murcia, Spain


Agrotransformados, S.A.

Production of juices, nectars, fruit drinks, milk drinks, fruit purées and gazpacho and wine packaging.

Lorquí, Region of Murcia, Spain.

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Frutas y conservas del Pirineo Aragonés S.A.

Manufacture of canning fruits of Peach and Pear:

Binaced, Huesca, Spain

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