Thanks to the specialization of the different industrial range of units, we managed to cover a wide range of products and formats that allow us to offer very complete ranges. We also bet on continuous innovation in products and formats.

We produce under our own brands and also distribution brands, adjusting ourselves to the requirements of the markets in general and of the clients in particular offering customized services.

We offer our customers a great flexibility in the types of packaging, recipes and ingredients in order to facilitate their adaptation to the changes established by the markets nowadays.

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Fruits, vegetables and legumes selected and preserved traditionally in “Huerta” of Murcia.


Jams elaborated with the best fruits according to the traditional recipe. Purées and desserts of fruit without sugar added free of additives.


Juices, nectars, drinks of fruits, ice tea, gazpachos and others preparated of vegetables preserving the flavour and excellent properties.


Wines and sangria packed in Tetra Pak's formats.

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